Trend Consulting

Keep up with the pulse of your target groups.
Remain relevant for the consumers of tomorrow.



Do you need new products that make consumers tick? Or would you rather put existing products in new colors? Or do you want to weave a story around your products?

  • Trend colors: we define the right colors for your product range, but also choose the right materials, textures and shapes

  • Product concepts: we develop new products for your brand

  • Collection creation: we create new collections with your existing products and tell a story your consumer understands.

Product development for Louis

Trends and future insights


Trends and future insights

Do you want to stay relevant in tomorrow’s market? We pick what’s right for you from our trend research, and put it right into your hands.

  • Trend briefings: visuals, lifestyle trends and inspiration applied to your brand and products.




Have you lost track with your audience? We give your brand an instant update.

  • Trend scan: we take a closer look at you brand and products and give you advice to get back on trend.

Repositioning workshop for Beaulieu



At Francq Colors, advice is not just hot air. We keep it realistic. Our trend ideas are to-the-point and can be applied immediately.